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National Sister’s Day: How & Why We Celebrate It!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

August 1 will mark the national Sister’s Day, across the world. The day is dedicated to the sisters and marks the celebration of a special and unmatched bond that sisters share. Read on to know why and how, every first Sunday of August is celebrated as Sister's day. By Poornima Bajwa Sharma

They say, ‘sisters make the best friends in the world’. Well, we can’t agree more on that. She’s spent childhood with you, been the primary witness to your every awkward stage, and been there for all your triumphs.In fact, a study says that people who have sisters experience less guilt, loneliness, and feelings of fear compared to those without sisters.

A bond that is so special, close to heart and exceptional, needs to be celebrated everyday. But, like every special occasion, the entire world has dedicated a particular day to mark the importance of having sisters in our lives.

Celebrated on the first Sunday of August, people across the globe make more memories as they rejoice ‘Sister’s Day’, on this day, every year. While initially, the day was dedicated to the special bond that biological sisters share, over the years, it has become a reason for people to mark the special ‘sister-like-bond’ that they share even with their friends or relatives. The idea remains the same, to cherish and value the importance of sisters in our lives.

History of Sister’s Day

Although the origin or history of sister’s day is not known completely, we can trace the origin of English word for ‘sister’ to the Old Norse word 'systir', which in turn is derived from the Proto-Germanic word 'schwester'.

Talking about Indian sisters, the day brings up names of amazing sister duos like, Kareena-Karisma Kapoor, Shruti-Akshara Haasan, Shilpa-Shamita Shetty, the popular ‘Phogat’ sisters from the sporting world, among others.

In today’s world, the meaning of ‘sister’ has broadened its horizon, and to fit its colloquial use, it also includes women who share a close bond, by blood or friendship.

The day is also honoured to remember some historical sister-duos like the Trung sisters- Trung Trac and TrungNhi, The Grimke sisters- Angelina and Sarah, The Bronte sisters- Charlotte, Emily and Patricia, Minerva & Antonia Mirabal, who made a name in the world.

How is it celebrated?

Although it is very subjective, like any other special day, Sister’s Day is also marked by cakes, flowers, gifts and parties. Sisters across the globe plan and meet, hang out together, cut

cakes, exchange gifts, shake a leg….overall cherish their bonds, make it even stronger and wind the day with loads of memories.

However, going by today’s scenario, people will opt for digital meets or very small gatherings at their homes itself, as they celebrate and spend time with each other.

Coincidentally, just around the time of Sister’s Day, India also marks another festival called ‘rakshabandhan’, in the same month. The festival is also dedicated to siblings, however, it highlights the special bond between sister and a brother, where sisters tie a band on the wrist of their brothers. The band depicts the strong bond between them, showcasing how a brother is always a protector of his sister, in all ways.

So, while this August 1st, you make your plans with your sister on the occasion of the special day, we leave you with reasons why having a sister is one of the best things in the world. We hope, you will agree on all points, with us 😊

  • You hate it or you like it, but you can’t ignore it, your sister is the most brutally honest person in your life. Since she wants the best for you, she will say it on your face. So, the next time you yearn for genuine advice, you know where to head to.

  • You may not have liked to share your dress or room with her, but you have your sister’s back, when you need it the most. A sister is always there to share your qualms. You can always turn to her for help!

  • From boyfriends to school marks or even bigger secrets, your sister is always your closest confidant, who knows all your secrets. And you know, you don’t need to worry, because she is always a keeper of your secrets!

  • No one understands your body, like your sister. The genetic connection and blood relation, makes your sister the closest to you, who knows what and when is wrong with you!

  • Having a sister means you always have a person you can communicate to! You know there is someone who will hear you out!

  • She is your fashion critic. She will tell you when you are about to commit a fashion sin!

  • With her crazy tuning and matchup with you, a sister makes your life a bit easier, simpler and enjoyable!

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