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Project Blue: The Changing Face of Chennai

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Realising Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's M K Stalin's vision for Chennai

As part of the Greater Chennai Corporation's 'Singara Chennai 2.0' initiative, the city's beaches may soon get a makeover under the 'Project Blue', a pet project of Chief Minister M K Stalin. This means most parts of the metropolis are in for a major transformation, given the fact that Chennai is a coastal city and is home to around half a dozen beaches.

Officials said with inclusivity being a major part of the project, enabling access for Persons with Disabilities to the waves and setting up viewing decks will also be a part of the beach development project.

The Project Blue proposal entailed the introduction of beach vending carts and the creation of a pathway along the service road aimed at joggers.

Apart from beach beautification schemes, the project will also involve heritage, culture, education and health aspects of the city infrastructure. New parks, construction and renovation of flyovers and subways will be an integral part of the renewed project, said corporation officials.

Stalin is planning to make the city free of garbage. At present, 8800 tonnes of garbage are disposed of every day from Chennai alone.

The CM has also decided to build an international stadium with all the facilities. He also planned to renovate the famous Anna Nagar Tower Park under this project.

On the other hand, pointing out that beaches were livelihood and living spaces for fishermen, 65 social activists raised objections to Project Blue and urged the State government and the Greater Chennai Corporation to protect the interests of fishermen.

Also, a division bench of the Madras High Court recently posed queries related to the maintenance of Marina Beach, which dealt with the amount of garbage generated there, and how it was collected and disposed of.

For the uninitiated, Singara Chennai initiative was originally introduced by Stalin when he was city mayor during 1996-2001. In 2010, when he was the Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, he had said that he was able to achieve only 50 per cent of his vision.

With his party storming back to power after a decade ans Stalin becoming the Chief Minister of the State, one can hope his long pending dream would become a reality.

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